Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hikari. . .

Even if we only undo the buttons that are buttoned up wrong, nothing changes for us, right?
We’re only dreaming here forever, so clumsy that we don’t do anything, aren’t we?

Things that I have lost up to now and things that you see from this point
If everything is replaced, then will we be able to change? Will we be able to change?

Tell me that you have cried until now with bashful words
Removing the darkness of my pitch-black heart
I want to throw away the old me, I want to embrace you
My desire flows out from my veins

Even if we’re only dreaming within the desert, we can’t see through other people’s unfairness, right?
We’re crying tears here forever, not weak enough to blame ourselves

Things that you have heard up to now; if I can sing that song from my recollections
Until morning, can you forgive me? Can you forgive me?

Because I’ll sing from now, melt my numbed heart
Removing the pitch-black, trembling nights
If our nights are soiled, then we can’t believe in anyone
My desire breaks out of this silence

Boys and girls!! Youth rampages! Make me only think about you!

Tell me that you have cried until now with bashful words
Dyeing the darkness of my pitch-black heart white
Even if I decide to die someday, I won’t be able to forget about you
My desire crumbles this silence

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Evil Sister. . .

Do u even wonder if u got an evil sister muke jahat
dat always bully u
make u do things dat u dun wanna do
Photobucketmake ur life full of miserable (uwaa~)
she think herself as a princess
just thinking her own selfiness
(yadda desu~~)

Seigi no Mikata

well...dats wat happens to Nakata Youko (act by Shida Mirai)
this story is quite interesthing coz despite of her evil sister Nakata Makiko (act by Yamada Yui) dat owez do bad things araound her, at last those things turn to be a good thing and better around her...causing people praise her sister as "ally of justice" or "seigi no mikata"
pity her coz she is d only one dat noe her sister devilness...huuu~ (kawaii~ so~) huargh~!!
i like dis drama coz of d renzoku (comedy) part and also d family part (amosirom desu) is a gud drama though ^_^

i gave 4/5star Photobucket( i luv cite2 ngarut n klaka camni...hehe)

What if. . . (i hope not. . . )

tagged ryz4l...die ni ske sgt buli noob.. (dush~ ketuk pale iejal) tp kali ni soklan die mmg best r..hee~


1. hi,how r ya?
fine bout u? (duh...dont care)

2. hey!you wanna go to mall?
erm...wanna go jln2 je ke or . . .

3. i love you...
hek~ (tercekik biji rambutan. . .) xsehat eh??demam eh??

4. do you want some cookies?
owh...cedap ke?? xmo r. . .nnt de org jeles~ lalalala~

5. can you take me a picture?
sure ma. . .but dont include me eh

6. help me in my homework!
ayoyo...i xreti la...more dumb than u meh. . .

7. here's my gift to you
it is my bezday oledy?? generous of u eh. . .

8. lets just be textmates?
textmates??ar u seyres?? (donna waste my crdt sms u lar. . .)

9. do u want me to buy you an ipod?
really??wow~! i'm so glad u r my ex~! ^_^

10. let's sit together in the bus.
eish..u ni...dont play2 ma...tuhan nmpk..wluek~

11. hi baby....
ha ha...xclear la. . . ooo. . . ubi. . . ya. . . its me. . y meh??

12. you still cute...
gee. . .thx. . . (but u r not!)

13. i still love you
u ar really2 sick ma. . .jom i bwk g klinik eh. . nak?

14. can i visit your house??
duh~ no! my mom will scold me (hehehe~)

15. do u love me?
i did. . .but i dont. . .(come on! move on la wei~!)

Follow these instructions:
named 5 candidates on ur listask them to complete this tagrepost on their blogwrite the title"WHAT IF UR EX SAID THIS TO U?"

(hahaha...xtaw nak tagged sape da...ades...should get more blog fren i guess...hee~ who wanna be my blog fren angkat tgn~!!)

1. Farah (
2. Hani (
3. scarecrow (
4. afira (
5. my ex. . . (klo die de blog r. . . hee~)

Monday, November 24, 2008



Help me, Save me

my brain been overload~
adei~dunno la...too much dream i guess...theeee~ Photobucket

so here's d prob...i dunno y...
but suddenly there's an issue...
"if u ave an ex...
...and she/he still luv u...(after a very³ long time)
wat do u do??" Photobucket

Friday, November 21, 2008

I Like 2 Muv iT Muv iT..u Like 2??

PhotobucketMOVE IT~!!Photobucket
ekekeke~cite ni mmg lawak gler beb..
layan abis beb...
lu olang suma ptt tgk wo~
manyak gelak² punya~
(pompuan kat sblh aku tgk xleh bla...glak gegar2 krusi aku beb)


i gav 5/5stars.. Photobucket

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mirai Koshi Meguru

Now Watching. . .
Cite ni agak best...
bygkn pe y korg akan wat klo korg leh tgk muke org2 kat sekeliling korg 20taun akan datang??
well...i love kyoko fukada cute n innocent...thee~ Photobucket
cite die cani...
Yoshida Meguru is an English teacher at a cram school. On her 24th birthday, she awakens to a new power - she can see 20 years ahead into the future of everyone around her. all bout wether she was about to use her gift as to helped people or just ignore it..
Well...other teacher at d cram skewl seems exagerate behavoir (well...its a comedy wonder la...hee~) n also her mysterious father n lost mother...huu~
can't wait to finish watch dis drama Photobucket
Wat happen to Meguru?? and also her bf, Yuki??
can she save her granpa from death??
can she found her mother?? and also why her father hide his wealthiness from her??

Rating?? 4/5 star~! heee~ Photobucket

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Photobucket did i do d rite thing?
i'm not giving her hope rite?
am i? Photobucket

Last Saturday, 4am, incoming sms...
her : u bz x rabu ptg?
me : nope..y?
her : pick me up can?
me : okies~

Tuesdays, around 8pm
her : da sampai
me : k..tggu sat

after sending her home she send me this sms
"tqvm,nnt i bunje eh..da sampai gtau"
sigh~ Photobucket

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tagged! (by RyZ4L)

tag2 / tæg / verb [transitive]
1 to attach a small piece of paper or other material to something to give information about it:
Every item is tagged with a number that identifies it.
2 to put an electronic tag on someone in order to watch where they go
3 to touch another player in some children's games
3a. to touch a player of the other team with the ball in sports such as baseball:
tag out: Jeter was tagged out between second and third base.
4 INFORMAL to describe someone or something in a particular way:
Some of the children were already tagged as troublemakers.
,tag a`long phrasal verb [intransitive]
to go somewhere with someone else although you are not needed:
When Charlie goes on a business trip, I often tag along.
,tag `on phrasal verb [transitive]
to add something extra, especially something that does not seem to belong to the rest:
This information was tagged on at the end.
Photobucket chop²...camne aku leh terlibat ni??
xptt tol ko tagged noob

pnjg plak tu....
layan sude

1. 7 ciri² wanita/lelaki idaman anda.

pandai masak
beriman dan beramal
understand me d most
(is there such thing as miss perfectness??hee~)

2. 7 wanita/lelaki yang pernah anda minati sepanjang hidup.

farhanah liyana
zahratul ain
annis nazira
hajatul nieza
nurul nadia
nurul iman
(erk~xckp sorg....cane ni??
p/s:name2 hanyelah rekaan semate²..tiade kaitan y idup or mati)

3. 7 perasaan sekiranya keluar dengan seseorang yang anda minati.

best nye~~
can't get my eyes away from her

4. 7 tempat istimewa yang ingin dilawati bersama pasangan anda.

(tp aku rase lpas g mekkah xde tempat len da plg best nk g)

5. 7 barangan/sesuatu istimewa yang mungkin akan anda hadiahkan pada pasangan anda.

teddy bear
(i noe dat i couldnt afford all dis...but i noe i can giv u my lurve~ehekz)

6. 7 tajuk lagu yang akan anda nyanyikan untuk pasangan anda.

Secondhand Serenade - Fall for u
Melastik Bintang - Adrenalin
ST12 - Puspa
Laila's Lounge - Mawar Khayalan
Ada Cinta by Acha Ft Irwansyah
Ayat² Cinta by Rossa
Jason Marz - Lucky

7. 7 rakan yang anda tag dan mahu mereka buat PERIHAL 7 ini.WAJIB!!mereka musti diberitahu akan perihal ini hehehe

Hani (
biskutmeri (
Sarah CJ (
Farah (
Scarecrow (
(tu je la kowt y aku de...y len da kene tagged gak..huu~)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Sumtin 2 Share


more to come ^_^

"Never been Kissed..."

consider me "dead"
or probably not here
weird dream
not a wet one ar (hey!i'm innocent...)
going out wit her
seeing her
kiss by her!
but she's my best fren fren's
plus she got a bf!
wat am i thinking! (actually) dreaming!
(sigh* must stop watching stand up! drama...slap* slap* wake up bro~)

Sambomaster - Hikari no Rock!

lagu ni agak best gak la..layan seyh...
muke penyanyi sambomaster ni cam muke senior aku...ekeke
aku bajet klo suh die nyanyi n wat gaye mamat tu..pergh....mmg sebijik kot...ekekeke Photobucket
well...neway...pade sape² y pnh dgr lagu ni...lagu ni lagu tema bleach the movie 2
enjoy~ Photobucket

Lyrics | Sambomaster - Hikari No Rock lyrics

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stand Up!!

oh no~! wuhuuu~ bosan nye rini....mule² nak kuar..pastu xjadi....hek~ (xkn nak kuar sorg2...) lonely nye~ ignore aduiyai...neway...this is the current drama dat i watch...cite lame rasenye...jap²...try belek2 drama wiki jap...tajuk die "stand up!!" drama taun 2003...hehehe...khas utk peminat2 yamashita tomohisa a.k.a yamappy~ Photobucket agak best gak la cite ni...walaupn cite die agak jalan cite die agak menarik...pengajaran??hurm...byk kot...hehehe~

"Four schoolboys find themselves the last virgins left at school. During the summer holidays, a girl they knew as children 11 years ago, moves back to the neighborhood. Despite their childhood attraction to her, they realize she is a mere shadow of the "princess" they all thought they knew. This story of summer - love, friendship, school, family, the hypocrisy of adults, complications of life, experience and failure is set in an everyday shopping district and shows the clumsiness of children who have developed a little later than their peers. It's a bright romantic comedy that both young and old can appreciate."

well....rating?? hurm...lmc...3 and a half out of 5star
....neway~ enjoy ^_^