Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Evil Sister. . .

Do u even wonder if u got an evil sister muke jahat
dat always bully u
make u do things dat u dun wanna do
Photobucketmake ur life full of miserable (uwaa~)
she think herself as a princess
just thinking her own selfiness
(yadda desu~~)

Seigi no Mikata

well...dats wat happens to Nakata Youko (act by Shida Mirai)
this story is quite interesthing coz despite of her evil sister Nakata Makiko (act by Yamada Yui) dat owez do bad things araound her, at last those things turn to be a good thing and better around her...causing people praise her sister as "ally of justice" or "seigi no mikata"
pity her coz she is d only one dat noe her sister devilness...huuu~ (kawaii~ so~) huargh~!!
i like dis drama coz of d renzoku (comedy) part and also d family part (amosirom desu) is a gud drama though ^_^

i gave 4/5star Photobucket( i luv cite2 ngarut n klaka camni...hehe)