Monday, November 17, 2008

"Never been Kissed..."

consider me "dead"
or probably not here
weird dream
not a wet one ar (hey!i'm innocent...)
going out wit her
seeing her
kiss by her!
but she's my best fren fren's
plus she got a bf!
wat am i thinking! (actually) dreaming!
(sigh* must stop watching stand up! drama...slap* slap* wake up bro~)


RyZ4L said...

haha. nice2!! how can u not wet when u dream of kissing n all that??:p hahahhaha..ubi gatai!!
ubi...nice page kaw..i loike sume nye compress. mudah!:) and icon2 uh cmne ek buat? jeles!:D

Ubi said...

hehehe.....tq tq ^_^...
i just dream of d kiss lor...
nor after dat =p
just a kiss k...
neway...psl icon tu agak complicated sket lor...coz involving html code...
n aku da lame de icon tu kat photobucket =p