Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Yume (dreams)

I kept dreaming a lot...dunno y...sumtimes become obses wit it (call me crazy...huahuahua) xtau la beb...kdg2 aku lagi ske bermimpi je...sampai xnk if dat world is better than here (mak....plz dun wake me up >_< ) not all of my dream i igt...but wat scare me a lot...mimpi y aku igt tu jadi realiti (coincidence? or it were meant to be? sigh*)

Have you ever wonder about our dream world. What are dreams? Why we are having dreams? Are there purposes in our dreams? When are we having our dreams? Why we just remember a portion of our dreams? What color of our dreams? Is it black? or blue? or red? or even yellow? Why there’s sometimes just in black and white? How dreams are related to our life? Can we controlled our dreams? Is there a pattern in our dream? Why sometimes we just terrify with our own dreams? Is there a world out there beyond our imagination? Is there an answers to these questions? (leave me ur opinion plz..)


HaNi said...

i think why there is no exact explaination about dream because..kalau ada dah tak syok la nak mimpi2...mcm tersekat our imagination

My Name Is Farah said...

huhu..aku pon slalu mimpi...bukan slalu gak..almost everyday..kekadang mimpi yg sgt scary..bgn tu rase cam takut sgt..ade mimpi yg best..mcm2 org ckp kalu kite slalu mimpi kite akn rase penat bile bgn..tol ker..huhu